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Achutha Varrier.T.V.


T.V.Achutha Varrier started as a Proof Reader and ended up as Editor of “Express “ Daily in Thrissur. He started his career in 1953. He shifted to ‘Deenabandhu” another daily in Thrissur in 1955 but returned the “Express” in 1970.

It was during the Silent valley controversy of the 70’s that Achutha Varrier was noted as a well informed environmentalist crusader. He fought against all attempts to put a dam across the river in the ecologically most sensitive valley named Silent Valley in Mannarghat forests in Palakkad district. He penned about one dozen editorials in the daily which dismantled the claims of the dam lobby that silent valley was just another valuable hydro electric project that would solve all energy problems of Kerala. Achutha varrier’s editorial crusade played a big role not only creating the required awareness among people, but also was instrumental, among otherthings, in changing the mind of the rulers which led to Prime  Minister  Indira Gandhi’s final decision to abandon the project.   

Many saw Achutha Varrier as a conservative who went about protecting the values of the freedom movement or the rule book of Malayalam grammar. But he was an all-rounder as far as journalism was concerned. He wrote not only on politics, on social issues, on Kerala’s art and culture, on the noble characters of our puranas and epics, but was a good sports editor too. For 12 years he handled the sports page of Express daily. It is said that during a very crucial election days in the 60’s he brought out the paper almost alone when the desk was empty throughout.

When V. Karunakaran Nambiar, the reputed Editor of Express died, Achutha Varrier was Editor for some time. Achutha Varrier later went over to “Punyabhumi” a newspaper started by hindu enthusiasts, his tenure came to an abrupt end as he wrote a critical editorial against Narendra Modi’s administration or lack of administration during the days of the communal carnage in Gujarath.

Achutha Warrier was deaf from a very young age. But, that only strengthened his energetic pursuit of the noble goals journalism. He was full of idealism, was selfless and never compromised in his principles. He followed every minor thing in current affairs, wrote with a virulent pen in a style that communicated his ideas with utmost clarity. After leaving active journalism Achutha Varrier edited the environmentalist magazine “One bhumi ore jeevan”.

On April 26th 2012 Achutha Varrier was honoured by Kerala Press Academy for his lifelong contribution to journalism, along with veterans BRP Bhaskar, K.G.Parameswaran Nair, G. Priyadarsanan, the  media historian and photographer M.P.Poulose, in a function in Thiruvananthapuram addressed by Chief Minister Oommen Chandy, Minister K.C. Joseph and several prominent personalities.

 Achutha Varrier died on May 8th 2012 at the age of 80 in his house in thaikkattussery Thrissur.   Wife Velur varrium Sreedevi Varassyar died few years back. Rajan is their only son.      

Achutha Varrier is the son of Pookkottu variath Easwara Varrier and Thrailokya mangalam variath Madhavi .