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Priyadarsan. G.


G. Priydarsan may not be a journalist in the conventional meaning of the term Journalist. But, he has contributed as a person, more than what media academic institutions had contributed in the field of historical studies and research of Malayalam media.

Born in 1937 in Perettil near Varkala in Thiruvananthapuram district Priyadarsan started his professional life as a teacher. But, even when teaching, his mind was in the history and evolution of Malayalam media. When Yoganadam was launched Priyadarshan was its Executive Editor for four years.  Then joined Malayala Manorama as Media Researcher. Switching on to study of media history and life of editors and journalists,  he has made valuable contributions to the chronicling of newspapers and magazines in Kerala for the last four decades.  He is now the most valued historian of Malayalam media.

Priyadarsan has more than two dozen journalism history books to his credit. Some of these are here.

1.manmaranja maasikakal(monthlies that are no more-1971)

2. maasikaapatanangal(studies in magazines-1974)

3.malayaala pathrapravarthanam-praarabhaswaroopam(Malayalam journalism- its beginning-1982)

4.kumaaranaasaan mukhaprasangamkal( Editorials of Kumaran Asaan-collection-1982)

 5. sahodaran enna viplavakaari( sahodaran the revolutionary)

6. sahodaran viplavakaariyaaya pathrapravarthakan (Sahodaran- the revolutionary journalist-1991)

7. kerala pathrapravarthanam-suvarna adhyaayangal(Kerala journalism its golden chapters-1999)

8. sreenarayana prasthaanavum Malayalam manoramayum( Sreenarayana movement and Malayala manorama)

9. Editorials of kandathil Varughese Mappila(1997)

10. Selected editorials of K.C.Mamman Mappila

11. mayaatha mudra-K.C.Mamman maappila yute pathradhipathya jeevitham( unfading prints-The journalistic life of Mamman   Mappila)

12. aadyakaala maasikal(Earliest magazines-2007)

13.maadhyamamgalum malayala saahithyavum(magazines and Malayalam literature-2000)                 

These are just some of his major works, he has around fifteen other biographies and studies in his credit.  Several serialised studies on media and media personalities done by him have appeared in periodicals like Janayugam, Malayala manorama, sahithya chakravalam, vijhaana kairali, bhashaposhini etc. He still continues his study and research on subjects related to Malayalam media