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Sanjayan was M.R. Nair in real life, that is Mannikoth Ramunni Nair. Born in Othayoth family in Thiruvangad near Thalassery on June 13,1903. M.R. Nair became a journalist after a short stint in a government department as clerk and as tutor in Malabar Christian College in Kozhikode. He wrote under the pseudonym Sanjayan. He was closely related with a journal called "Kerala Patrika" published from Kozhikode, where he lived after 1935.When in Kozhikode he wrote for Mathrubhumi daily too. One of his editorial on the atrocities committed by British troops in Kochi, led to the short term banning of Mathrubhumi.

“viswaroopam” meaning the real picture, and “ sanjayan” were the two humour publications he edited. For Malayalis, Sanjayan’s writings are for all times. He is not only a great humourist but also a socio-political commentator who wrote with felicity on a wide range of subjects, in a language that sizzled with humour. His articles used to create big flutter in the political field. In real life he was not a comedian but a very serious person. He did in depth studies in English and Malayalam literature. He translated Shakespeare’s Othello in Malayalam and wrote numerous. He was well versed in philosophy, Vedas and Astrology. Sanjayan’s writings have a universality that transcends time and place. He was a great teacher too.

He died on September 13, 1943 in his native place Thalssery when he was just forty.