Kerala Media Academy’s annual calendar is packed with various programmes. These include award ceremonies, memorial speeches, training sessions, national and international level exhibitions, seminars and symposiums on topics related to media and communications as well as planning sessions. The Academy hosts interactive sessions with eminent personalities from various fields. Renowned academicians, politicians, artists as well as journalist consider the Academy as an idea venue for book releases.

Memorial Speeches

Kerala Media Academy holds three annual commemorative speeches, established in the honour of Mathai Manjooran, Kurur Neelakantan Nambudiripad and N N Sathyavruthan.

Mathai Manjooran Memorial Speech

– held on January 15 every year

Kurur Neelakantan Nambudiripad Memorial Speech

– held on August 31 every year

NN Sathyavruthan Memorial Speech

– held on January 25 every year


Kerala Media Academy has organised and hosted a plethora of other events during the last 40 years. Some of the major programmes conducted by the Academy are given below.

  • EMS Commemoration Lecture
  • N V Krishna Warrier Commemorative Lecture
  • International Photo Festival
  • Madhyama Charithra Yatra
  • Cartoon Conclave
  • National Conclave of Women’s Journalists
  • Loka Kerala Madhyama Sabha in connection with Loka Kerala Sabha