Awards & Honors

Kerala Media Academy presents six awards annually to journalists who have proven their excellence is various journalistic segments. A jury comprising eminent journalists and the executive board of the Academy choose the winners among the applicants every year.

N. N. Sathyavruthan Award for Best Human Interest Story – Rs. 25,000

V. Karunakaran Nambiar Award for Best Editorial (Established in 1984) – Rs. 25,000

Dr. Moorkanur Narayanan Award for Best Local Coverage (Established in 1992) – Rs. 25,000

Chowara Paramesaran Award for Best Investigative Reporting (Established in 1992) – Rs. 25,000

Media Academy News Photography Award (Established in 2012) – Rs. 25,000

Media Academy Visual Media Award (Established in 2012) – Rs. 25,000