Media Club

Media Club is an innovative programme developed by Kerala Media Academy with the aim of fostering a media culture and aptitude for this sector among school and college students. Schools affiliated to the State Board, CBSE, ICSE and ISC are eligible to open Media Clubs. The club will promote reading, critical thinking, analysis etc and train students to produce newsletters/magazines, TV and radio programmes.

Club Structure

Each club will elect a president, vice president, secretary, joint secretary, treasurer, editor and director of broadcasting from among the students. A faculty member selected by the principal/head teacher will the co-ordinator of the club. The Academy will payRs.5000/- per year for a school for club expenses as well as funds for study tours and media camps organised by the Media Club. The schools must find additional funding based on the activity levels.

Media Club will organise several competitive events and winners will get cash prizes and Chief Minister’s Trophy.


Media Club activities include a monthly discussion, publication of a quarterly newspaper and daily news reading during school assemblies. Media Club will also provide the opportunity to run community radio service from member schools in association with the Academy’s Internet radio channel Radio Kerala. There is also a programme to improve Malayalam proficiency among students, especially for those in English medium schools.

Members of the club will be given access to Kerala Media Academy’s digital library, which is a resource for rare and exclusive publications on media.

Media Thoughts: Club members will select important international events and analyse and discuss the way those events were covered in media. This programme also includes conducting readings from history and discussing it.

Morning News: Kerala Media Academy will email a set of news stories daily to the clubs and members will read the excerpts during assemblies.

My Newspaper: Clubs are required to publish a newspaper at least every three months with stories about their school, the locality and its people. Members will be divided into reporting team, editing team, photography team and design team under the supervision of the co-ordinator. The Academy will train students in the newspaper production process.

Community Radio: Each club will be assigned slots to run programmes in Radio Kerala – the Internet radio channel of Kerala Media Academy. Students can report events in the school and the neighbourhood or write and produce innovative radio programmes.

Madhuram Malayalam: Clubs in English medium schools will have an additional project called Madhuram Malayalam, organised in association with Malayalam Pallikkodam, to improve proficiency in Malayalam.

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