Radio Kerala

Though radio lost its relevance with the popularity of TV, the medium was resurrected in the 90s with the FM revolution. Following the growth of Internet technologies and smartphone penetration, the medium found its way into the digital realm.

As a premier media institution dedicated for media research, education and dissemination of media culture in the state, Kerala Media Academy has launched an online radio service – Radio Kerala. In the short period of its run, the channel has reached Malayali listeners in 10 countries across the world. The channel, which was officially inaugurated in December 2019, aims to become a medium for entertainment and information for all higher secondary schools in the state. 

The Academy has ambitious plans for Radio Kerala, which includes setting up radio stations in schools to help develop media culture among the future generation. The radio channel will soon be providing opportunities for media students to converse with eminent personalities across the world.

Radio Kerala will soon start 24-hour broadcast from its fully equipped studio in the Academy campus at Kakkanad. The studio facility will provide media students to test their voice skills and learn the workings of an FM channel.